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College library

Welcome to the College library

Officially named the 'British Optical Association Library'  after its 1901 founder, the library is one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of optical works, both modern and historical, in existence, containing some 6,500 optical books and pamphlets. Find out more about the history of the BOA Library.
What is the library’s role?

The library is both a reference and a lending library.  Its primary function is to support the education and continuing professional development of College members.

  1. Library services

    Library services

    Information about what we can do for College members

  2. Library collections

    Library collections

    What's on our shelves or available online.

  3. Information resources

    Information resources

    Here you will find pages designed to provide quick and easy access to the best resources to meet your specific needs.

  4. Library catalogue

    Library catalogue

    Search our catalogue.

  5. Visiting the library

    Visiting the library

    Visit the College library

Brona Jarvis 222x222

“It supports me in my practice day-to-day.”

“After graduating I found myself without the support of the university library I’d come to rely on, and realised what a useful service the College was providing. I’m now working towards an MSc in Clinical Optometry and have found the library to be invaluable for help with the course reading list - articles can be emailed to me and books delivered to practice or read online." 

"And it supports me in my practice day-to-day. Working both in the high street and in a hospital, I find my role constantly evolves so the library is really useful for reading on topics like glaucoma and ensuring that I stay up-to-date with all the latest developments.”

Brona Jarvis MCOptom