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About therapeutics

Registered optometrists may train and qualify for the Additional Supply specialty and the Independent Prescribing specialty, which includes Supplementary Prescribing.

Optometrists with the Additional Supply qualification can write orders for, and supply in an emergency, a range of drugs in addition to those which can be ordered or supplied by an optometrist without the qualification.

Working within their professional competence, qualified independent prescribers can clinically assess a patient, establish a diagnosis, determine the clinical management required and prescribe where necessary.

The benefits of qualifying in therapeutics

Qualifying for Additional Supply or Independent Prescribing means you can:

  • see patients who would benefit from easier access to medicines
  • use your particular expertise in conditions that affect your patients
  • develop your professional skills and career prospects
  • expand the services in your practice
  • help improve primary eye care locally.


View the Optometrists' Formulary

The Optometrists' Formulary consists of data sheets that provide prescribing information on all drugs currently available to optometrists.

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