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Higher Qualifications

The College works with universities and other course providers to accredit  higher qualifications.

The qualifications are designed to fit with life in a busy practice or hospital department, they are ideal for enabling individual career development and for practices offering specialist services.

  1. Information for students

    Information for students

    Everything you need to know about studying for College-accredited higher qualifications.

  2. Accredited courses

    Accredited courses

    Find out which higher qualification courses the College has accredited.

  3. College affixes and certificates

    College affixes and certificates

    The College has now introduced affixes for all of its accredited higher qualifications.

  4. Information for providers

    Information for providers

    Information for universities or institutions that wish to submit a course for accreditation.


Download the higher qualifications prospectus

 Higher qualifications prospectus 200x257

Keziah Latham 222x222 

"I’d say to others go for it!"

"My work involves teaching, researching and practising low vision, and I wanted a qualification that demonstrates my commitment in this area. I use the material covered in the modules everyday. What I've found really helpful is to be able to use the affix Prof Cert LV, to highlight to patients that this is an area that I know something about!"

"I’d say to other members ‘go for it’! As professionals we need to develop and continue to learn so we provide our patients with the best care and most up to date ways of practicing. Shared care is on the increase and getting involved leads to more challenge and variety. Higher qualifications are a good way of getting involved in a structured way, with academic support. They also result in something tangible, in terms of an affix, to demonstrate your ability to patients and other professionals."

Keziah Latham FCOptom Prof Cert LV