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About the Professionalism project

The aim of the Professionalism project was to produce an analysis of the development of professionalism in clinical training. The project has worked with the General Optical Council, Optometry Schools Council and employers to establish a common understanding of key issues relating to development of teaching and assessing professionalism at all stages of optometric training.


The project started from a number of important questions:

  • What is professionalism?
  • What issues have affected its introduction in other clinical areas?
  • What will be the most effective ways to introduce it at all stages of optometric training?
  • What are the barriers to its introduction?
  • What is the scope for inter-professional training on professionalism?
  • How is it possible to assess professionalism?

The main research methods included:

  • Carrying out a literature review - this is available from the College.
  • Undertaking an online survey of the College membership.
  • Conducting interviews and discussions with a range of stakeholders, such as employers.
  • Holding focus groups with students and patients to explore issues in depth.
  • Consulting on initial findings to further refine them.
  • Publishing findings and recommendations in a final report.

Download the report

Click on the links below to download the executive summary and the full report:

  Professionalism - executive summary

  Professionalism - full report


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