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GOC Supplementary guidance on the duty of candour

The aim of the guidance is to give GOC registrants further support and clarity on the principles set out in the GOC's "Standards of Practice for Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians" and "Standards for Optical Students". This standard places an explicit duty on GOC registrants to be open and honest with patients when things go wrong.

Consultation Responses 10/08/16
GOC Supplementary guidance on consent

The aim of the guidance is to give GOC registrants further support and clarity on the principles set out in the GOC's "Standards of Practice for Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians" and "Standards for Optical Students". Patients have a basic right to be involved in decisions about their healthcare and agree or consent to any examination or treatment that is proposed by their healthcare professional.

Consultation Responses 10/08/16
Consultation on changes to HSCIC Statistics 2016-17 - 2018-19

The HSCIC publishes around 90 series of Official Statistics and National Statistics each year. Use of health and care statistics helps those involved to manage the system more effectively, commission better services, understand public health trends in more detail, develop new treatments and monitor the safety and effectiveness of care providers. The HSCIC is proposing a series of changes over the next three years which will help to better prioritise resources and to better meet the needs of users.

Consultation Responses 27/06/16
Refractive Surgery Standards Consultation

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists has been working with some of the UK's leading refractive surgeons, RCOphth Council members and patient and optometry representation to develop improved standards for the practice of refractive surgery in the UK. This is in response to the Keogh Report.

Consultation Responses 9/06/16
Standards for Virtual Clinics in Glaucoma Care in the NHS Hospital Eye Service

In order to cope with the increasing demands of glaucoma care on outpatient services, a number of hospitals have started to introduce 'virtual clinics' as a way of increasing outpatient capacity. However, there are no national guidelines for the development of such services. NIHR has developed a draft document defining standards for virtual clinics in the secondary care setting.

Consultation Responses 9/06/16
HCPC Consultation on the sale, supply and administration of medicines via exemptions for orthoptists

NHS England, with the four country governments, has proposed amendments to the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 legislation to enable appropriately-trained orthoptists to sell, supply and administer certain prescription-only medicines on their own initiative as part of their practice. Currently, orthoptists are not able to prescribe medicines for patients in the way that doctors, dentists and some other qualified health professionals can, although they may supply or administer medicines without a prescription in some cases. The consultation document suggests to set standards for the use of exemptions by orthoptists; annotate the Register entries of orthoptists who are qualified to use the exemptions; and approve post-registration programmes delivering relevant training.

Consultation Responses 3/05/16
NHS England policy guidance on whistleblowing

NHS England has drafted whistleblowing policy guidance specifically for primary care. The intention is that the guidance should be used by primary care organisations to review their policies and procedures on staff raising concerns about safety. The policy sets out: - who can raise a concern - the process for raising a concern - how the concern will be investigated - what will be done with the findings of the investigation. From 1 April, NHS England is a prescribed person under the Public Interest Disclosure Order 1999, meaning primary care service staff working at GP surgeries, opticians, pharmacies and dental practices, can raise concerns about inappropriate activity directly.

Consultation Responses 3/05/16
Welsh Government - School Pupil Eye Care Service for Wales

The College supports the Welsh Government proposal to develop, implement and deliver an ophthalmic service in special schools across Wales. The proposed special schools service will deliver eye health care services for pupils attending maintained special schools. Services will be offered to pupils who are learning in a special school setting, in line with the education definition of a special school. It will form a new part of the existing primary care Wales Eye Care Services. It is proposed that Special School Ophthalmic teams, consisting of optometrists, orthoptists and dispensing opticians will provide the service to pupils within the school setting during the school day.

Consultation Responses 28/04/16
A competency framework for all prescribers -updated draft

The single competency framework for prescribers was originally published by the National Prescribing Centre/NICE in 2012. The single framework consolidated all previous competency frameworks developed to support independent and supplementary prescribers. This is an update of an existing competency framework which is already widely used in practice.

Consultation Responses 15/04/16
GOC Hearings Guidance and Indicative Sanctions Consultation

The aim of this document is to assist all individuals when sitting on the Fitness to Practise Committee to understand their individual and collective responsibilities, leading to the making of fair and just decisions. The professional and lay personnel appointed to sit on the Committee exercise their own judgments in making decisions, but must also take into consideration the standards of good practice the General Optical Council has established.

Consultation Responses 5/04/16
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