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Eyes and the NHS

We support commissioners with information and advice about eye health and how we can work together to deliver the best possible service to patients, while giving good value for money.

The NHS spent over £2bn in 2010-11 in England alone. Optometrists play a vital role working with commissioners to plan and deliver those eye health services. 

Our primary objective in eye health is to minimise preventable sight loss.  To do that, we need to:

  • detect eye diseases early (most people with glaucoma don’t know they have the disease)

  • improve the quality and efficiency of eye care services (in 2012 half of hospital eye clinics were unable to treat people with AMD within the recommended waiting times to best save their sight)

  • integrate community, hospital and social care services around people’s needs. 

The College is committed to working with commissioners, ophthalmologists, clinicians and patients across the health sector to improve eye health services across the UK.




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