The Directorate of Optometric Continuing Education and Training (DOCET) is a special Committee set up by the Department of Health in 1989 to oversee the management of government funds set aside for the provision of optometric continuing education and training (CET) for all UK registered optometrists.

The Committee consists of representatives from optical bodies and the Department of Health. DOCET is a restricted fund of the College of Optometrists.

DOCET’s responsibilities are:

  - making CET available to every optometrist in the UK
  - measuring the effectiveness and validity of CET
  - encouraging innovation and experimentation
  - keeping optometrists up to date
  - helping optometrists acquire additional skills
  - improving the quality of optometric services to the public

Since its inception DOCET has centrally produced and distributed distance learning on the various media of DVD, CD-ROM, audio cassette, video, written material, computer disk and online.

In addition to producing and distributing distance learning material, DOCET underwrites a number of locally organised refresher courses, conferences, lectures and workshops all around the UK, which have provided a significant proportion of CET to the optometric profession.

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