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Background and History

The College of Optometrists is a registered charity incorporated by Royal Charter in 1995 (right). It is the single successor body to the British Optical Association, founded in 1895 and The Scottish Association of Opticians, formed in 1921. The College was founded in 1980 and incorporates the examining function of The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers, which was granted a Royal Charter by Charles I in 1629.
In 1995 the College was granted a Royal Charter of Incorporation with the title The College of Optometrists. The College motto aequis oculis videre means literally "to see with both eyes" but it could be interpreted as "to look upon something contentedly or serenely".
The College has developed as a modern professional body, supporting its members in all aspects of professional development. The College provides the Scheme for Registration, continuing professional development opportunities, and advice and guidance on professional conduct and standards, enabling our members to serve their patients well and contribute to the wellbeing of local communities. 

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