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What's New

  1. Independent Prescribing assessment results available

    The results of the Therapeutics Common Final Assessment in Independent Prescribing are available to members who took the examination in June. Please log in to access your results.

  2. Volunteer patients needed for workshops in Cardiff

    We are looking for volunteer patients for our CET workshops taking place on 6 July in Cardiff. We pay £25 plus travel expenses.

  3. College of Optometrists conducts report into Scheme for Registration

    The report provides detailed information of trainee performance over a single year, related to several factors, including their undergraduate degree classification and common areas of failure.

  4. College of Optometrists’ inequalities report calls for increased awareness of optometry services and a review of access initiatives

    The report makes several recommendations to address barriers to poorer communities accessing optometry services.

  5. College issues report following dementia and vision research event

    The report, outlining the outcomes of the Visual Impairment and Dementia (VIDem) Summit, identifies priorities for research into concurrent dementia and visual impairment.

  6. College of Optometrists issues transit of Mercury advice

    The College of Optometrists has issued advice for those wishing to observe the Transit of Mercury today.

  7. Lissamine green

    The College of Optometrists issues a statement on the use of lissamine green.

  8. College of Optometrists’ Director presents at ARVO

    Today Mike Bowen, Director of Research at the College of Optometrists will present at the ARVO annual meeting for the first time.


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