For your patients

We have an ever-expanding range of tools and resources to support you in your practice, including our growing range of patient leaflets on specific conditions such as glaucoma and AMD, activity sheets and stickers for children and our brand new tear-off pads on the instillation of eye drops.

These resources are free for College members and you can order them online by visiting the relevant page in the left-hand menu.

Find out more about our award-winning website Look after your eyes, designed to provide accessible information on eye conditions and eye health for your patients and the public.

We are also building a collection of patient case studies – these are a great way to bring news stories to life and show the importance of regular eye examinations. Find out more about how you can get involved with patient case studies.

Bernard Donleavy MCOptom

‘This bite size info is just right for my patients!

Member leaflet - children's leaflet 222x148

'I find that most patients have a vague understanding of their conditions but there are misconceptions - the College's patient leaflets help put them straight.  There’s just the right level of information to make them feel confident and knowledgeable. 

'After I have completed the eye examination, I go through the leaflet with my patient, highlighting the most relevant bits, then they can go over them again at home. No one has come back with questions since I started doing this.

'I have all the leaflets. I use the blepharitis on the most, especially when I am doing contact lens checks, as it is such a common condition.  The leaflets look good and are easy to use - especially in the gloom of the exam room.  I’ve got the tear off slips and children’s stickers - they keep them busy while they are waiting and make good rewards for letting me put eye drops in!'