Tear-off pads

In line with College guidance, after the instillation of eye drops optometrists should give patients an information sheet advising on possible side effects and how long the effects may last. We have now produced some new tear-off pads for this purpose, which replace the information sheets previously available on our website.

Pads are available on cyclopentolate eye drops, local anaesthetic eye drops and tropicamide eye drops and include space for you to add your practice details and date the drops were administered.

We have also just introduced a new Amsler chart tear-off pad for you to order online.

Pads are free for members to order online. There will be deliveries throughout the year.

Overseas members

If you are an overseas member we will print your pads for free but ask that you cover the cost of postage. Please order your pads and we will get in touch regarding delivery.

Eye drop tear-off pad

Download patient information on the instillation of eye drops

  Cyclopentolate eye drops

  Local anaesthetic eye drops

  Tropicamide eye drops

Download the Amsler chart.

  Amsler chart