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Terms and conditions

To become a member of the College of Optometrists (MCOptom), you must have done all the following:

Here are the conditions and principle of membership

Every College member must be registered with the General Optical Council. (Those living overseas should be registered with their national regulatory body)

While you are a member of the College, you agree:

  • to abide by the Code of Ethics laid down by the College
  • to adhere to the conditions of membership as set out in the Royal Charter and Bye-laws
  • to use, if you wish, the affix MCOptom.
  • to recognise that the College Membership Diploma and permission to use the affix, is conferred on you solely and personally, is not assignable or transferable to any other body or person, and may not be reproduced, altered or added to in any way. If you cease to be a member you agree to return the College Membership Diploma immediately and stop using the MCOptom affix.
  • to maintain an effective professional indemnity insurance policy with an appropriate insurer which gives cover of an amount and against such risks as is reasonable having regard to my circumstances.
  • to pay an annual subscription set by the College. 

For more information or to receive an application form, please contact Membership Co-ordinator Millie Thomas on 020 7766 4392.


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