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  1. Guidance for professional practice

    Guidance for professional practice

    This key document defines good optometric practice and the standards of care and treatment patients can expect.

  2. Clinical Management Guidelines

    Clinical Management Guidelines

    These provide a reliable source of evidence-based information on the diagnosis and management of various eye conditions.

  3. Optometrists' Formulary

    Optometrists' Formulary

    The Optometrists' Formulary consists of data sheets that provide prescribing information on all drugs currently available to optometrists.

  4. Guidance for Optometrist Prescribers

    Guidance for Optometrist Prescribers

    This guidance has been produced to assist appropriately qualified optometrists in their prescribing practice.

  5. Supplementary guidance

    Supplementary guidance

    This section provides additional guidance and forms for you to download and use.

  6. Using evidence in practice

    Using evidence in practice

    Ensure that the advice you give your patients in these areas is based on up-to-date evidence.

  7. Clinical Advisers

    Clinical Advisers

    If youÂ’ve got a clinical problem or a question, our in-house experts are here to help.

  8. Clinical notes

    Clinical notes

    Dr Susan Blakeney writes about her observations from the practice room.

  9. Ethical scenarios

    Ethical scenarios

    Would you know what to do in these ethical situations? Test your skills.