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Introduction to the Scheme

The Scheme for Registration marks your transition from being a student to being a professional optometrist. It is a structured and supported route that gives you the chance to put into practice the skills you learned at university in a safe environment. With the support of your supervisor and the College assessment team you will be assessed against the Stage 2 competencies set out by the General Optical Council. At the end of the scheme you will be confident that you have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to practise without supervision.

Before you start the Scheme you will need to find a training placement and send in your enrolment forms. For more information please see our Enrolment page.



There are three stages to the Scheme for Registration. Click on the links below to find out more about each stage.

Stage 1 Work Based Assessments

During Stage 1 you will be assessed on each of the 75 elements of competence. One of the College assessors will be on hand throughout your Stage 1 training to help you improve your skills.

Stage 2 Work Based Assessment

At Stage 2 you will be asked to complete a routine eye test as well as contact lens fitting and aftercare in timed conditions. You will also be assessed on the overarching competencies: broad skill groups that bring together everything you have learned so far.

Final Assessment

The Final Assessment takes place at one of our exam centres. You will be asked to complete sixteen five minute tasks under exam conditions. The tasks will be drawn from across the assessment framework.

For more details on the Scheme and what it entails please come to the Scheme for Registration Roadshow in your third year of university. You can also download the presentation here.

Introduction to the Scheme for Registration presentation

 The College will be on hand to offer advice and support at every stage. You can hear more about how if feels to go through the Scheme by watching the videos on the right hand side of this page.

  College Statement on Post Graduate University Qualifications in Optometry


Scheme for Registration: Pre-registration trainee analysis report (June 2013 - August 2015)

We have published a report for members analysing pre-registration trainee’s performance on its Scheme for Registration. The report provides detailed information of trainee performance over a single year, related to several factors, including their undergraduate degree classification and common areas of failure.  Download the report below:

  Scheme for Registration: Pre-reg trainee analysis report (June 2013-August 2015) 


Lead Assessor's view

Our Lead Assessor, Ruth Brough, gives her thoughts on the Scheme.


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Trainee view

Purvi and Rashid talk about their experience of the Scheme.

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