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Scheme for Registration Enrolment

Finding a Placement

Before you can do anything, you will need to find a training placement. Any optometrist who has been qualified for three years or more can act as a supervisor. Because there are so many places available the College is not able to keep a list of them all, but there are several places you can look for adverts:

  • University noticeboards often have details of local training placements.
  • Large companies advertise training placements on their websites.
  • Many employers advertise in publications such as Optometry Today and Optician. You can try looking in the magazines or on their websites.
  • lists hospital placements in the UK.
  • The College's pre-registration jobs board.
  • You can also try contacting local optometry practices to see whether they are offering training placements.

Trainee Information Form

Once you have a placement please send us a copy of the Trainee Information Form. You should aim to do this before you take your final exams at university.

Download the form from the Key documents page.

Enrolment Form

Once you have secured a placement you can complete the scheme for registration enrolment form with your proposed supervisor/s. You can send the form in before your degree result is confirmed. This will enable us to process your enrolment form more quickly once your degree result has been confirmed. Once you are enrolled, we will email you confirmation and send out your enrolment pack, including your trainee handbook, to your practice address.

Please note that, until you have been officially enrolled and have received confirmation, you may not see patients under supervision.

Copies of the enrolment form will be distributed at our year three university road show presentation and can be downloaded from the College website using the links on the key documents page.

We need to see original copies of your signature and your supervisor's, so we regret that we cannot accept forms by email or fax.

GOC student registration 

You must remember to keep up your GOC student registration whilst you are on the Scheme for Registration. If you do not, you may not be able to continue with your work based or final assessments. Find out more information on the GOC website

Changing Practice

Some trainees find that they need to change practice during their pre-registration period, or that their supervisor changes. Your supervisor is legally responsible for everything you do during the training period so it is essential that you let us know before you change supervisors.

Your old supervisor must fill in an End of Supervisor form and your new supervisor must fill in a New Supervisor form. Both forms can be downloaded from the key documents page.

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