Supervisors' area

Supervising should be an enjoyable time when, as well as helping other people to learn, you consolidate your own knowledge and develop your own skills. We want to offer you all the support you need for it to be a rewarding experience you will want to repeat.

If you are already a supervisor - thank you for your help in encouraging new optometrists and your work to keep the profession growing.

If you're thinking of supervising, please see the Supervising - frequently asked questions section for information on how to register for this rewarding role. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Compulsory Supervisior training videos (from June 2014)

Please be aware that from June 2014, all supervisors will have to complete the online Introduction to Supervision training. This will be a compulsory part of becoming a supervisor and all new supervisor forms and future enrolment forms will be checked against our training records before being approved. If a supervisor has not completed the online training, then the processing of new pre-registration trainees' enrolment or change of supervisor forms will be delayed.

Complete the online training.

Forms and guidance

Please refer to the Key documents section for relevant forms and guidance. 



Any questions?

Check the Supervisor FAQs under the Frequently asked questions section

Otherwise please contact us