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One of the prime aims of the College is the advancement for the public benefit of the study of and research into optometry, optics, vision science and related subjects and the publication of the results.

This is outlined in our Research strategy and its three major streams:

  • funding for university research at all levels,
  • funding and support for College members to undertake practice-based research,
  • and specific research projects commissioned by the College to add to the optometric evidence base.

Click on one of the streams below to find out more.

  1. Practice Based Research - iPRO

    Practice Based Research - iPRO

    Interested in carrying out some practice-based research but not sure where to start?

  2. Scholarships and bursaries

    Scholarships and bursaries

    The College continues to deliver and develop a range of awards and prizes.

  3. Commissioned and Collaborative Research

    Commissioned and Collaborative Research

    Identifying and commissioning research projects in order to build a scientific evidence base to inform and influence College and national policies.