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Funded Projects


The Research strategy is funded through the College's Research Fund and membership subscriptions. The College is most grateful to those individuals and groups who continue to make donations to the Research Fund.   In addition, we develop relationships to establish opportunities for funding projects collaboratively with other bodies and, ultimately develop new funding for the strategy.

Commissioned and Collaborative Research

These projects are designed to identify or commission research and build a scientific evidence base that informs and influences College and national policies.  The projects are run and/or financially supported by the College.

Details of the projects are here.

Britain's Eye Health in Focus

This report looks into how people view their eye health and the role of the optometrist and follows previous research into the public’s approach to eye health, and their knowledge about eye conditions and related issues.

The full report and further information are here.

Research ethics

We make sure that all research projects and clinical trials we fund that involve human volunteers receive ethics committee approval. In the case of projects carried out at universities, this approval will normally be obtained through the relevant university ethics committee.

The National Research Ethics Service, now part of the Health Research Authority, has extensive guidance on associated matters, including the Human Tissue Act, Data Protection and the Mental Capacity Act. Applications for ethical approval should then be made through the  Integrated Research Application System.

If you have not received approval at the time of your submission, you should indicate when the decision is expected, and forward details of the approval to the Research Committee as soon as you get it. 

Individual practitioners engaging in research projects must ensure that their personal indemnity insurance is appropriate to cover practice-based research.

Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986

Where the work is subject to regulation by the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, the provisions of that Act must be observed and project and personal licences quoted. The College’s support for a proposal does not absolve the award holder from personal responsibility in this regard; applications for all licences and certificates required under the Act must be made to the Home Office direct, through the host centre’s normal channels.

We do not insist that you seek Home Office approval before you apply for an award, but any award we make in response to an application will be on the absolute condition that no work which is controlled by the Act will begin until the necessary licences and certificates have been obtained. Any fees levied under the Act are the responsibility of the award holder and cannot be provided under the award.