Difficult times

Amid the upheaval caused by COVID-19, Dr Susan Blakeney FCOptom, the College’s Clinical Adviser, asks if one of the unexpected consequences of the crisis could be positive clinical change.

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I am writing this at one of the most challenging times I have seen in my life. Not just my professional life, but my whole life. I remember the power cuts of the 1970s and doing my homework by candlelight, which led to very interesting colour schemes in my geography homework. I remember noticing when the daylight came that I had coloured the sea in green (and my colour vision is fine, but – as it turns out – candlelight does not have daylight colour-rendering properties!). I remember the sugar shortages, which were dreadful for someone who used to take 2½ sugars in her tea! 

However, nothing is quite like what is happening at the moment with the COVID-19 pandemic, which is affecting not only our sector, or our country, but the whole world. It all seems like a bad dream and I want someone to pinch me so that I wake up.

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