Do you offer coloured lenses in dyslexia management in your practice, and what do you tell patients about the evidence?

In each issue, Acuity poses a topical question to a panel of members.

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I offer coloured lenses to patients suffering from significant pattern glare and visual stress (ViS) – not just to those with dyslexia. I explain that in relation to dyslexia there is much controversy, and that the research tends to use outcome measures of increased rate of reading. 

I feel that improved concentration, visual comfort, reduced symptoms, better comprehension and ability to read for longer are just as important as speed. 

I use the most recent Delphi study protocols (Evans et al, 2017) for diagnosis of ViS and trial overlays before providing tinted lenses to avoid inappropriate prescribing.

Paul Adler FCOptom, Hertfordshire


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