Not wagging the dog

The College’s Clinical Adviser, Susan Blakeney FCOptom, looks back at how technology – guided by sensible clinical judgement – has been used to improve optometric practice over the decades.

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In this milestone year for the profession, I have been thinking about how practice has changed since I qualified a few – ahem – decades ago now. After using an arc perimeter during my pre-registration year, when I first qualified I used a Bjerrum screen to do visual field (VF) tests (yes, really) before the practice invested in a Friedmann VF Analyser Mark II (the height of technology!). Having a Henson 3000 was merely a pipe dream for the small independent where I worked... There was no pre-screening, as doing these various tests was more cumbersome and far less automated than it is now, so it did make you think about whether a VF test was really necessary before you did it! It is truly amazing to reflect on how things have changed over this period of time which isn’t THAT long (I know I’m old, but not that old...).

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