Occasional wear contact lenses

How do you incorporate occasional wear contact lenses into your everyday practice this summer? Kathy Oxtoby reports on how to introduce the concept to your patients, and the benefits this can bring for them and for your business.

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Summer is the ideal season for optometrists to introduce and recommend contact lenses for occasional or flexible use to patients. Weddings, holidays, festivals, parties and sports are typical summer events where patients who do not ordinarily wear lenses may benefit from using them for a short period of time, attracted by their flexibility, ability to improve their enjoyment of activities, and for cosmetic reasons.

Clients’ changing needs

Flexible wear means an ability to wear contact lenses on an ad hoc basis, which is perfect for the warmer weather, when people generally spend more time outdoors participating in hobbies or sports, as well as holidays. Many optometrists describe occasional wear as the infrequent use of daily disposable contact lenses, whereas flexible wear is the intermittent use of contact lenses suitable for overnight wear. However, unhelpfully, the terms flexible and occasional use are often used interchangeably, and perhaps to the wearer, the terms are irrelevant. Contact lenses to complement spectacle use may seem novel to a long-term spectacle user, but can greatly improve quality of life and add tangible value to an optometrist’s recommendations. 

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