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29 May 2020 Acuity digital

Learning curve: how optometrists are mastering new skills

Helen Gilbert describes the industry fine-tuning old areas of expertise and picking up new ones during the pandemic.

30 Apr 2020 Acuity

CXL and the treatment of keratoconus

Consultant Ophthalmologist Damian Lake looks at the history of corneal collagen cross-linking in treating keratoconus, the current indications for its use, and the most up-to-date refinements to the procedure.

Independent prescribing Low vision CET 1
30 Apr 2020 Acuity

In search of HLA-B27

Half of those with anterior uveitis carry the HLA-B27 antigen on their white blood cells. Kim Thomas explores the role this genetic association plays in eye disorders.

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