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8 May 2019 Acuity

Turning the tide (C-71220)

With the global prevalence of myopia predicted to reach 50% and rates in the UK rising, should optometrists be embracing myopia management techniques? Madeleine Bailey reports.

Myopia CET 1
8 May 2019 Acuity

Striking back at stroke (C-71222)

Visual impairment is common after a stroke, but optometrists can help patients rehabilitate optically and by recommending effective online therapies, writes John Windell.

Dispensing Low vision
30 Apr 2019 Acuity digital

How to write a case study: top 10 tips

Publishing a case study to share what you have learnt can be a highly enjoyable and educational aspect of practice. In each print edition of Acuity, we publish a member case study, why not submit your own after reading these 10 tips?


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