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29 Jan 2021 Acuity

Game over for amblyopia?

Amblyopia is a binocular disorder but all too often it is treated monocularly. Becky McCall asks if video game play offers a new way forward.

Binocular vision Children
29 Jan 2021 Acuity

Oculomics: no eye is an island

The new discipline of oculomics uses machine learning to detect biomarkers of systemic health in the eye. Kim Thomas asks: how does it work, what are its ethical implications, and will it be the future of the profession?

AMD Public health CET 1
29 Jan 2021 Acuity

How to treat nonverbal patients

Kathy Oxtoby asks how optometrists can communicate effectively with patients who cannot verbally communicate.

Dementia Public health CET 1


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