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30 Sep 2021 Acuity digital

‘What about the environment?’ Optometrists tackle climate change

As the Welsh Optometric Committee (WOC) issues a “climate emergency” declaration, Kathy Oxtoby speaks to Tim Morgan MCOptom at Health Education and Improvement Wales on the implications for the profession.

Public health
30 Jul 2021 Acuity

Testing on tap: glaucoma monitoring in the home

What are the potential benefits of home glaucoma monitoring – and the challenges to be overcome? Juliette Astrup reports.

Glaucoma CET 1
30 Jul 2021 Acuity

Advances in OCT: on the right wavelength

Kim Thomas looks at new developments in optical coherence tomography hardware, including faster refresh rates and increased accuracy, and wonders what the future holds for the technology.

AMD Cataract Medical retina CET 1


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