GOC consultation on CPD/CET review proposals

The GOC has launched a consultation on a review of its CET requirements.

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Full details of the consultation can be found on the GOC's website, but the proposals are focused on six areas: 

  1. A change of terminology, from ‘CET’ to ‘CPD’
  2. Recognition of registrants’ evolving scope of practice, with a move away from using the GOC competencies for registration as the reference point for CET/CPD
  3. Focusing CPD requirements on four domains: professionalism; communication; clinical practice; and leadership and accountability
  4. Enabling registrants to gain recognition for non-GOC-approved CPD activity 
  5. A strengthened requirement to reflect on learning and practice
  6. Streamlining the process through which CPD provision is approved by the GOC. 

The review is an opportunity to change regulatory requirements that shape your professional development and it's, therefore important the College and its members respond.

We are planning to submit a full College response, informed by your feedback, and would also encourage you to feedback individually. 

Please provide us with feedback on the following three areas using the form below by 24 July 2020:

Tell us your views: 



We will share our draft response with members for comment before submitting it. 

The consultation closes on the 20 August 2020.