Research resources

The College library has many of the articles you need to inform your research and practice. If you can't find what you are looking for in our library, we'll help you look elsewhere.

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These are some of the major online resources that can be used for sourcing literature to inform your optometry research and practice. Although some complete articles will be freely available online, the majority of your search results using these databases will return only return abstracts. If you would like the entire article, you can consult our journals collection to see if the College has them. If we don’t, we can request it from the British Library for you (please note that there is a charge for this service).


Online databases

A list of online databases for you to use in your research.

Dissertations and literature reviews

Writing a dissertation? Carrying out a literature review? We're here to help with sources, resources, training and support.

Image collections

We have a growing collection of photos for members to use - and are happy to provide advice and support on sourcing and utilising appropriate images.