Clinical audit training

We take a step-by-step look at the clinical audit process and hear from real community optometrists who've carried out their own audits in practice. Six interactive CET points for optometrist or IP optometrist exercise.

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Part 1

Clinical audit is one of the best ways in which practitioners can assure themselves that standards of service quality and improvement are being met. It forms a key part of the overall clinical governance framework. A clinical audit measures care against current standards, using existing data. You can perform a simple audit in as little as a week.  

Part one of this online training takes you through the four stages of the clinical audit process. There are six short films to watch, including an introduction and a recap.


The audit was a very simple process, and we can now put improvements in place which will help patient care and help the practice as well.

Sana Asif, MCOptom 

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