CPD and CET videos

Online videos for your professional development, offering CET points. Topics include clinical audit, AMD, glaucoma, flashes and floaters.

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Clinical audit training

We take a step-by-step look at the clinical audit process and hear from real community optometrists who've carried out their own audits in practice.

Clinical audit training part one


Clinical audit training part two


6 interactive CET points available for optometrists: 

C-52188 (optom) - Clinical audit online training

6 interactive CET points (optometrists) available 

C-52190 (IP) - Clinical audit online training

6 interactive CET points (IP) available


Lecture videos

Lectures on essential topics in optometry, recorded live at Optometry Tomorrow, the College’s annual conference and other College events.


C- 53523 - Optometry and dementia lecture


C-52830 - Glaucoma: latest in treatment, surgery and service delivery

Update on glaucoma drops, generic prescription, combination therapy, and the latest glaucoma surgery techniques, impact of NICE guidelines, optometry led glaucoma service and refinement schemes and ‘virtual’ clinics.


C-52827 - Childhood refractive error in the 21st century: results from the NICER study

Summarises the findings of the Northern Ireland Childhood Errors of Refraction (NICER) study of the eyes and vision of children and young adults. Looks at the prevalence of refractive errors in school children and young adults in NI, understanding onset and progression of myopic refractive error in a population, risk factors associated with myopic refractive error and progression, and discussion of evidence-based guidelines for optometrists.


C-52826 - Flashes and floaters lecture

Pathology, assessment and management of patients with vitreous floaters, case histories, detection and management of potentially sight threatening pathology.


C-52824 - AMD: A bright vision for the future videos

This lecture looks at the classification and clinical presentation of wet and dry AMD to enable differential diagnosis and appropriate referral. Evidence for current treatment options is discussed along with current clinical research in the field and future treatment options.


C-52823 - Blue light lecture

The role of short wavelength blue light in normal physiology and its potential for harm. The use of lenses for photoprotection and vision enhancement. Spectacle lens technology and advising appropriate lenses for vocational use.


C-52788 - There’s more to this blob of jelly than meets the eye lecture

How and why common vitreoretinal disorders occur, including macular hole, epiretinal membrane, diabetic retinopathy and retinal detachment, and surgical and pharmacological interventions to benefit patients.


C-52373 - New concepts in the management of macular degeneration lecture


C-52372 - How to catch glaucoma and how not to get caught out lecture