Online supervisor training

Essential learning which must be completed before you can begin supervising a trainee in the Scheme for Registration. 1 CET point available.

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This online training provides you with all the information and guidance you need to become an effective supervisor. As part of this training, you should refer to the Competency framework for supervisors, below, and the GOC’s Standards of Practice

Competency framework for supervisors

This includes day-to-day supervision expectations and guidance on how a trainee should be helped in preparation for assessments.


Training modules

You must complete all four parts of the training and pass the MCQs before you can begin supervising.

Part 1: Introduction

The supervisor role, responsibilities and accountability.

Part 2: Essential knowledge for effective supervision

Different types of supervision arrangements, the Scheme for Registration frameworks and guidance.

Part 3: Preparation and planning

Essential preparation for you, your trainee and your practice colleagues.

Part 4: Effective supervision in practice

The key skills required to be an effective supervisor and how to apply them within the Scheme.


MCQ assessment

C-55509 - Introduction to Supervision MCQs

You must complete this MCQ before you can begin supervising. There is 1 CET point available.



Supervisor and trainee events

We have a series of supervision events including 'How to supervise within the law' and - for both supervisors and trainees - 'Learning together: making my supervision simpler & safer', to help you get the most out of your training.