Higher qualification affixes and certificates

Successful candidates can use the appropriate affix to show they have enhanced skills and knowledge.

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Higher qualification affixes

Candidates who have successfully completed a higher qualification are entitled to use the relevant affix in recognition of their specialist skills and their commitment to professional development and high standards:

Contact Lens Practice

  • Professional Higher Certificate in Contact Lens Practice - Higher Cert CL
  • Professional Diploma in Contact Lens Practice  - Dip CL


  • Professional Certificate in Glaucoma - Prof Cert Glauc
  • Professional Higher Certificate in Glaucoma  - Higher Cert Glauc
  • Professional Diploma in Glaucoma - Dip Glauc

Low Vision

  • Professional Certificate in Low Vision - Prof Cert LV
  • Professional Higher Certificate in Low Vision  - Higher Cert LV
  • Professional Diploma in Low Vision  - Dip LV

Medical Retina 

  • Professional Certificate in Medical Retina - Prof Cert Med Ret
  • Professional Higher Certificate in Medical Retina - Higher Cert Med Ret
  • Professional Diploma in Medical Retina - Dip Med Ret

Paediatric Eye Care

  • Professional Certificate in Paediatric Eye Care - Prof Cert Paed Eye Care
  • Professional Higher Certificate in Paediatric Eye Care - Higher Cert Paed Eye Care
  • Diploma in Paediatric Eye Care - Dip Paed Eye Care


Higher qualification certificates 

Receiving your higher qualification certificate 

Higher qualification certificates are issued and mailed out by the College, once we have verified the results sent by your provider. We will also liaise with the GOC to ensure that your records are updated. 

Ceritifcates are free of charge for College members. Successful candidates who are not College members can order a certificate by emailing chareen.rae@college-optometrists.org. There is a fee of £30, which can be paid over the phone.    

The College of Optometrists Diploma Ceremony  

Members achieving the Professional Higher Certificate and Professional Diploma will be invited to attend the College’s annual Diploma Ceremony (held in November each year). 

Find out more about joining the College.

Replacement certificates

Lost or damaged certificates can be replaced for a fee of £10. Email chareen.rae@college-optometrists.org to place an order.