Independent prescribing (IP) examination update: 17 April 2020

We had to cancel delivery of the College’s IP exam, due to have been held on 1st April, to comply with Covid-19 requirements. We have been working on finding a software solution that allows candidates to sit the exam remotely.

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Following the cancellation of the April 2020 Therapeutics Common Final Assessment in Independent Prescribing due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, we have been working hard to find a software solution that allows candidates to sit this examination remotely, while assuring the integrity of the assessment process. We have been keen to provide an alternative date and mode of delivery for this examination sitting as swiftly as possible.
We have now done this and are able to offer those candidates who were enrolled on the TCFA examination in April 2020 to sit this remotely in early May 2020. Affected candidates have been contacted by email.
The arrangements are still subject to GOC approval - we have submitted our proposal to run the exam remotely to the GOC, as we are required to do under GOC accreditation, and expect to receive a response on this shortly.
This examination sitting will be limited to those who were originally enrolled to take the TCFA on 1 April. We will release details of future remote examination sittings in due course.
For those candidates who have enrolled on the June 2020 TCFA examination, we will be unable to run this examination face-to-face as planned in London. We are actively pursuing arrangements to run this remotely once the rearranged April sitting is completed in May, and will be in touch with those affected candidates soon.


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