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Effective referrals

  • Take part in this live webinar where Wendy Newsom will discuss the appropriate investigations and management and how to best communicate with other healthcare professionals.


7.30pm – 8.30pm, 15 January 2019 Add to calendar

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Effective referrals

This lecture webinar will examine how to communicate effectively when referring a patient so that the person triaging the referral is able to make the best decision in sending the patient to the most appropriate setting for their consultation. Cases and referrals discussed will cover ocular conditions found commonly in optometric practice. 

Please note, this webinar is based on Wendy’s Optometry Tomorrow 2018 and Bitesize 2018 discussion workshop, so if you attended this session at either event, you will not be able to apply for these points again. 

You will be able to claim one interactive CET point after attending this live session. 

Terms and conditions

To obtain your interactive CET point you must ensure the following standards are met: 

•    You must have a minimum attendance of 50 minutes.
•    You must complete a minimum of 4 of the 6 polls.
•    You must have a minimum attentiveness rating* of 75%.

*Attentiveness ratings are measured by the amount of time attendees have the webinar application active and open as the main screen – not a secondary tab. 

To attend this webinar you must be a College of Optometrists' member.