Itchy eyes - a little irritation or a big pain?

  • Take part in this live webinar and hear Melanie Hingorani's popular lecture on the manifestation of allergic disease and how that influences the choice and chances of success of different treatments.


7.30pm - 8.30pm, 15 November 2018 Add to calendar


During this webinar you will learn how to diagnose and manage allergic eye disease, one of the commonest causes of red sore eyes; how to treat and when to refer allergic eye disease and how to differentiate sight threatening allergic eye disease from common eye allergies; and how to treat allergic eye disease, the potential adverse reactions of medication and how to approach the safe use of steroids.

You will be able to claim one interactive CET point after attending this live session. 

Terms and conditions

To obtain your interactive CET point you must ensure the following standards are met: 

•    You must have a minimum attendance of 50 minutes.
•    You must complete a minimum of 4 of the 6 polls.
•    You must have a minimum attentiveness rating* of 75%.

*Attentiveness ratings are measured by the amount of time attendees have the webinar application active and open as the main screen – not a secondary tab. 

To attend this webinar you must be a College of Optometrists member.