Online peer discussion Feb 2020


7.30pm – 8.45pm, 26 February 2020 Add to calendar


Binocular vision, Children, Contact lenses, Glaucoma

C-72861 Online peer discussion

This online peer discussion session is designed to help College members gain those important peer discussion points.

The College is now offering online peer discussion sessions for members who are:

  • overseas
  • remotely based
  • unable to join a local peer discussion.

At our online session you will join a large group for an introduction and then participate in a small, virtual group to review three cases.

The introduction session will be conducted by Michelle Hanratty MCOptom DipTP(IP) as lead facilitator and each small group will be facilitated by an experienced facilitator. The cases include:

  • Diplopia in an adult
  • Contact lenses fitting for a child
  • Suspect glaucoma with OCT

If you have any queries, please email