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Webinar - How to recognise diabetic retinopathy and manage your patients

  • C-73310 Join Kate Powell MCOptom, DipOC, DipGlau, DipTp(AS), DipTp(SP), DipTp(IP), Prof Cert Med Ret, as she summarises how the optometrist's role interlinks, overlaps and supports patients who have diabetes with all aspects of their eye care.


7.30pm – 8.30pm, 19 March 2020 Add to calendar


Medical retina, Public health

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How to recognise diabetic retinopathy and manage your patients

The management of diabetes and its complications currently accounts for approximately 10% of the total NHS budget, and about 75% of that figure is spent managing the complications of diabetes. Optometrists have a key role in identifying sight threatening changes related to diabetes alongside the role of the National Screening Programme.

This webinar aims to build your confidence in recognising the features of retinopathy and managing your patients accordingly, including how to look out for and deal with an individual having a hypoglycaemic event. You will also find out about the role of the UK Diabetic Eye Screening Programmes and how your role complements that service.

You will be able to claim one interactive CET point after attending this live session. 

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    • have a minimum attendance of 50 minutes
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CET does not apply to students and pre-registration trainees.

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Kate Powell MCOptom, DipOC, DipGlau, DipTp(AS), DipTp(SP), DipTp(IP), Prof Cert Med Ret

Kate Powell is experienced across a range of specialties and has a sub-specialty interest in medical retina care. She is Optometric Education and Research Lead at Bristol Eye Hospital and has worked within its Medical Retina Service for approximately 12 years, specialising in diabetic retinopathy. Kate is a module leader for the WOPEC MSc Module course in Medical Retina. In addition, Kate was also Associate Clinical Lead for the Bristol and Weston Diabetic Eye Screening Programme for many years until 2017. She is particularly passionate about increasing the understanding and knowledge of optometrists in the care of patients with diabetes.