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Webinar - Orthoptics for the busy optometrist

  • C-72065 Join Professor Bruce Evans and find out how to diagnose and decide on forward treatment for binocular vision anomalies.


7.30pm – 8.30pm, 22 January 2020 Add to calendar


Binocular vision

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Orthoptics for the busy optometrist

This webinar will help you diagnose binocular vision anomalies. You will learn how to identify and investigate those conditions that can be treated by the optometrist, those that require referral, and those that do not require treatment. Conditions summarised will include heterophoria, strabismus, amblyopia, and incomitant deviations. The webinar will emphasise clinical relevance and will include practical suggestions that can be readily implemented in optometric practice. 

You will be able to claim one interactive CET point after attending this live session. 

Terms and conditions

  • To attend this webinar you must be a College of Optometrists' member.
  • To obtain your interactive CET point you must ensure the following standards are met, you must:
    • have a minimum attendance of 50 minutes
    • complete a minimum of 4 of the 6 polls.

CET does not apply to students and pre-registration trainees.

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Professor Bruce Evans FCOptom

Professor Bruce Evans is Director of Research at the Institute of Optometry and Visiting Professor to City, University of London and to London South Bank University. He is a Fellow (by examination) of the College of Optometrists and holds our higher qualifications of Diploma in Contact Lens Practice and Diploma in Orthoptics. He is a Fellow of the: American Academy of Optometry; British Contact Lens Association; and European Academy of Optometry. His main areas of research are children’s vision, dyslexia, orthoptics, contact lenses, and headaches including migraine. He has authored over 240 scientific and professional papers, five editions of books on binocular vision and two on dyslexia and vision, and has given more than 250 invited lectures. He has an optometric practice in Brentwood, Essex where he specialises in children’s vision, binocular vision anomalies, dyslexia and vision, contact lenses, and myopia control.