Webinar - Smoothing out a bumpy ride in oculoplastics: lid lumps and bumps, when to treat and when to refer

  • C-74332 Join Mr Raj Das-Bhaumik and find out how to how to investigate suspicious lumps and bumps on the eyelids.


7.30pm – 8.30pm, 17 June 2020 Add to calendar

Lids, lumps and bumps

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This webinar will help you to investigate suspicious lumps and bumps on the eyelids in optometric practice to differentiate between those that can be managed in practice and those that need referring to the hospital eye service. It will cover relevant points in history taking, how to examine the lids, how to recognise potentially malignant lesions and when referral is required. 

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Raj Das-Bhaumik

Mr Raj Das-Bhaumik is a Consultant Ophthalmologist specialising in blepharitis, conjunctivitis, chalazia, dry eye, watering eyes, periocular tumours and cosmetic eyelid surgery. An ophthalmic plastic surgeon (oculoplastic surgeon), he has extensive experience in ophthalmology, cosmetic surgery and ophthalmic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.  He is an expert in blepharoplasty and trains surgeons from around the world in advanced surgical techniques in a structured fellowship programme at Moorfields Eye Hospital, where he has been a consultant ophthalmic plastic surgeon since 2010. he has a special interest in lid lumps and bumps (including chalazion).