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West Midlands member event in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Vision

  • Free interactive CET evening event for College members


6pm – 9.30pm, 26 September 2018 Add to calendar


etc.venues Maple House, 150 Corporation Street
B4 6TB

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Your next free member CET event in the  West Midlands region will take place in Birmingham on Wednesday 26 September from 6pm.

The evening will consist of a lecture and an interactive discussion workshop. 

Lecture: 1 interactive CET point

Workshop: 3 interactive CET points

Expected timings for the evening

6.00pm Registration - buffet and networking

This is an opportunity to have something to eat whilst networking with fellow attendees and Johnson and Johnson Vision. We encourage you to arrive by 6pm to allow yourself plenty of time to register and have a bite to eat.        

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6.40pm Welcome

A College representative will give you an update on the College's current activites. Following this there will be a short presentation by a Johnson and Johnson Vision representative. 

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6.55pm Lecture/Workshop

Lecture: A practical guide to the assessment and treatment of ocular surface discomfort by Dr Michael Johnson FCOptom


This presentation will discuss what to ask and what to do when examining patients who complain of ocular surface discomfort. A major focus of dry eye assessments is to identify and treat other conditions that present similarly to, or accompany, dry eye.  The association of dry eye with systemic conditions will be highlighted, and the consequent need for management plans that consider the whole person. 

Learning objectives

  • To understand the purposes and merits of the various tests available to assess the tear film, and choose the appropriate tests for the clinical situation
  • To appreciate the importance of symptoms in the diagnosis of dry eye and associated ocular/systemic disease, and decisions on whether and how aggressively to manage the condition. Also to understand that similar symptoms may be associated with non-dry eye disease that requires different management
  • Developing an individualised managment plan that considers the presenting symptoms, causative mechanisms, and patient specific factors.  

Competencies: Ocular Examination, Ocular Disease

Discussion workshop: Tears: friend or foe? by Amanda Davidson MCOptom


There is an ever-increasing variety of soft contact lenses available to practitioners in modern practice. These lenses all vary in terms of their design and their material properties and will interact differently with each individual patient’s tear film and ocular surface.

This interactive discussion workshop will encourage practitioners to consider the interaction between different contact lenses and the tear film/ocular surface of their patients. Through live observation of a real patient using video slit lamp, delegates will be able to explore the different methods of assessing the tear film and ocular surface and see how different contact lens materials behave within the tear film.

By appreciating how to optimise this interaction, practitioners will be able to help patients wear lenses more comfortably for longer periods and across the different stages in their lives.

Learning objectives

  • To appreciate which slit lamp examinations can be employed to examine the tear film quality and quantity, i.e. TBUT, tear meniscus height, observation of debris and assessment of meibomian glands
  • To appreciate how to use a slit lamp and topographer to assess and record ITBUT, NITBUT, tear meniscus height, lids and lashes assessment and meibography and understand how these findings relate to tear film quantity and quality
  • To understand how lens design and material properties might affect the interaction between the lens and the ocular surface, and how this might determine lens choice
  • To be able to recognise signs and symptoms of discomfort or dry eye issues that may be affecting their contact lens wear and act accordingly to correct these issues.
  • To be able to recognise and understand how to assess MGD and appreciate the implications that it may have on the tear film and therefore contact lens comfort.

Competencies: Ocular Examination, Contact Lenses, Ocular Disease

Amanda Davidson MCOptom


Dr Michael Johnson


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8.00pm Refreshments and networking

This is an opportunity to have some tea/coffee and speak further with fellow attendees and Johnson and Johnson Vision.

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8.20pm Lecture/Workshop

Same information as for the 6.55pm session.

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Privacy Notice

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