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When to refer and when to monitor - using OCT to improve detection and diagnosis of common eye conditions

  • Take part in this live webinar where Polly Dulley MCOptom will discuss the use of OCT to help detect and diagnose a range of common ocular conditions.


7.30pm – 8.30pm, 9 April 2019 Add to calendar

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When to refer and when to monitor - using OCT to improve detection and diagnosis of common eye conditions

This webinar will cover the different types of scan available and their specific uses, the best scan to choose to look for a particular condition, how to interpret scans and how to make accurate diagnoses from OCT scans. 

Emphasis will be placed upon when to refer and when to monitor, the appearance of unusual, but normal scans versus abnormal scans. 

You will be able to claim one interactive CET point after attending this live session. 

Terms and conditions

  • To attend this webinar you must be a College of Optometrists' member.
  • To obtain your interactive CET point you must ensure the following standards are met, you must:
    • have a minimum attendance of 50 minutes
    • complete a minimum of 4 of the 6 polls.

CET does not apply to students and pre-registration trainees.

Polly Dulley MCOptom

Polly Dulley MCOptom is an optometrist, having graduated in Optometry and Visual Science from City University in 1986. Polly was awarded an MPhil, also from City, University of London in 2004 – her thesis was on Ocular Adverse Reactions to Tamoxifen.

Polly has experience in the hospital eye service and has worked for DOCET for over 20 years. She also has specialist diplomas in glaucoma and ocular therapeutics.

Polly is a visiting lecturer at City, University of London and has longstanding experience in optometric clinical standards and in delivering CET.