Contact lens specification, Swine 'flu and more

Brief notes on the topical issues of 'allowing' your patients to buy their contact lenses online, infection control in practice and an update on the College's guidance on supervision of dispensing to a person under the age of 16

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Published: Autumn 2009

Contact lens specification

I have again had a complaint from a member of the public that they perceived that they were being denied the opportunity of buying their contact lenses online. This patient was allegedly told by the practice that it was ‘illegal’ for them to issue the contact lens specification for 3 months. It is not ‘illegal’ to do this, and the 3 months which is in the College guidance (para A285e) is suggested as a maximum period for most fittings, and is not a legal requirement. If the patient is an existing wearer, the refitting is straightforward, and the patient is not trying a substantially different type of lens, then it may be clinically difficult to argue that the re-fitting will take anywhere near as long as 3 months.

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