Error avoidance

Changing your practice systems and minimising your chances of making mistakes.

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Published: Autumn 2014

A colleague has recently sent me a link to one of the fascinating Gresham Lectures. I would encourage those of you in London to attend these free lectures, which are on a diverse range of subjects. For those of you who are not in London, fear not, as you can access them online! The link that I was sent was for a lecture from January 2014 on how to avoid error.

In the lecture, Professor Tony Mann gives an insight into how systems can be designed to encourage us to do the wrong thing. The examples he gives are often simply amusing and fodder for comedy writers, but it got me thinking that there is a serious message that we can take into optometric practice.

How often have you used the wrong drug on a patient when you want, for example, to anaesthetise the cornea prior to tonometry? Hopefully never, but how can you minimise the chance of doing so by the systems you have in your practice?

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