Good advice on getting good advice

When it comes to diagnosing and managing patients, no one is expected to have all the answers. Dr Susan Blakeney, Clinical Adviser, has some good advice on getting good advice.

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Published: Winter 2015


Last  year, we took on an additional adviser, Daniel Hardiman-McCartney MCOptom, to deal with queries from members or members of the public. One of the types of query we get is from members asking what they should do with a particular patient, for example should they refer them or not.

We realise how difficult it can be sometimes to decide how to manage a particular patient, particularly if you do not have a colleague to discuss the case with. Daniel and I are happy to talk through the various options with you to help you make a decision, but having not examined the patient we are not really in a position to make the decision for you as to what you should do. The key thing when deciding what to do with a patient is to consider what you think may be wrong with them (if anything), and manage them accordingly.

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