How symmetrical are you?

Bearing in mind that the art of detecting (early) glaucoma is in looking for changes in the optic disc appearance, along with other signs, it is very important not to record asymmetrical CDRs as being symmetrical.

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Published: Summer 2014

I hope that the days of simply writing 'fundus normal' or (not much better) 'disc normal' are long gone and that we all write some more quantitative assessment of the optic disc on the record. Even if I have a photographic record of the fundus, I personally still write down an assessment of the CDR at the very least. This not only shows that I have looked at it, but also is a minor backup if the computer image is unavailable for one reason or another.

I have looked at a lot of records in my time and I am always slightly suspicious if there seems to be a large degree of symmetry between the eyes.

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