Visual field tests

Visual field tests are invaluable, but it's important to consider their limitations and the effect that they have on your patients.

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Published: Winter 2009

Some of you may know that I have a particular interest in visual field tests and in particular when are they - and more importantly in some cases - when are they not, clinically necessary for patients. I do visual field tests a lot, and feel that they are a very useful part of the optometrist’s armoury, but we must realise their limitations and the effect they have on patients. A recent paper1 has looked at the different tests used in the clinical management of glaucoma and asked patients to give their opinion on 7 tests. Patients scored the tests from 0 (absolute dislike) to 10 (perfect satisfaction) and tests were ranked for each patient from 1 (favourite test) to 7 (least favourite test) on the basis of these scores.

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