When to prescribe a plano lens

We need to ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible following cataract surgery.

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Published: Summer 2011

You may be interested to hear that we have recently updated the document that we wrote, together with the British Geriatrics Society, The Importance of Vision in Preventing Falls. This now includes evidence that has been published since the last version on the link between vision and falls and we hope that it will be a useful source of reference for people who are involved in falls services, as well as all those healthcare professionals who work with older people. We are delighted that both Age UK and the Royal College of General Practitioners have endorsed the document. This will increase the impact and circulation of the document as Age UK will be using it in their National Falls Week (20-24th June 2011), which is the week after National Eye Health Week. We are delighted about this as it should really help to focus awareness on the importance of eye health particularly in older patients. 

I had a recent query from a couple of members (in completely different areas of the country) which I would like to share with you. They said that patients, after having had one cataract extracted, are presenting a day or two after surgery at the request of the ophthalmologist asking for a plano lens to be put in their specs for their operated eye.

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