Membership terms and conditions

By becoming a College member, you must agree to the terms and conditions set out below.

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Conditions and principles of the College of Optometrists membership
  1. To abide by the College’s Guidance for Professional Practice and Member Code of Conduct.
  2. To adhere to the conditions of membership as set out in the Royal Charter and bye-laws.
  3. To use, if I so wish, the affix MCOptom.
  4. To recognise that the College membership certificate and permission to use the affix, which I shall receive is conferred on me solely and personally, is not assignable or transferable to any other body or person, and shall not be reproduced, altered or added to in any way. If I cease to be a member, I will return the College membership certificate immediately and cease using the MCOptom affix.
  5. To maintain an effective professional indemnity insurance policy which provides cover of such an amount and against such risks as is reasonable having regard to my circumstances.
  6. To pay an annual subscription set by the College.
Privacy notice

The College of Optometrists would like to use your email and postal addresses to send you general College news and information on the College's products and services.

We administer DOCET on behalf of the UK's Department of Health, and will therefore also use your email and postal addresses to send you DOCET news and information. You may opt out of receiving College or DOCET communications at any time by contacting the College. We also share membership and qualification information with the General Optical Council when necessary. The College uses personal information for statistical and research purposes and, when not anonymised, we seek consent.