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Online peer review 5 December 2023

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Domains covered
Professionalism Leadership & accountability
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About the event

This online peer review session is open to College members and will cover your GOC peer review requirement. It is worth three interactive CPD points.

At our online session, you will join a large group for an introduction and then participate in a small, virtual group to review three cases.

The introduction session will be conducted by a lead facilitator and each small group will be led by an experienced facilitator. The cases are Championing for IPC, Referral as a locum, and Referral to the HES.

This online peer review repeats the content from sessions held on 10 January, 22 February, 23 April, 28 April, 23 May, 18 July and 15 August. Please be mindful of this, as you cannot claim the CPD more than once.

If you have attended one of the above events, please cancel your booking.

Learning outcomes


s.10 Work collaboratively with colleagues in the interests of patients  

  • Able to understand the importance of establishing clear lines of responsibility with other healthcare professionals to provide the best care for a patient
  • Able to transfer responsibility for the patient through effective handover/referral of patient information to colleagues

s.11 Protect and safeguard patients, colleagues, and others from harm  

  • Able to implement practice policies and procedures to effectively minimise the risk of infection and harm to patients and others

Leadership and accountability  

s.12 Ensure a safe environment for your patients 

  • Able to take effective infection prevention and control measures to reduce risk of transmission of infectious respiratory disease

s.8 Maintain adequate patient records 

  • Able to maintain clear and contemporaneous patient records which are accessible for all those involved in the patient’s care

This event is open to fully-qualified College members who have pre-booked. We expect there to be a waiting list. Please let us know if you can no longer attend, so a space can be given to somebody else. 

If you have any queries, please email

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Free Online peer review Wait list available

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