Webinar: Preparing for pre-reg

In this webinar we discuss all you need to know about preparing for the Scheme.

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Any extra questions?

Below are the answers the most popular questions, and a few we didn't have time for during the live event. 

Can you complete the Scheme on a part-time basis?
Yes. The minimum clinical testing time requirement is 10 hours per week. You can complete the Scheme on a part time basis, or between two practices.

Will virtual hospital experience module be available beyond the COVID-19 pandemic?
Yes. The module was developed to replace the in-person hospital experience during the pandemic, but we are working with the GOC to agree that students who graduate in 2021 can continue to use it. 

Do qualified and registered CLO or DOs have to sit all competencies for dispensing and contact lenses?
Yes, qualified and registered CLOs and DOs have to sit all competencies for dispensing and contact lenses. Contact lens and dispensing competencies also form part of the OSCE circuit.

Where can I find out about the College sponsorship of Tier 5 visas?
You can find out more on our dedicated Tier 5 page.

Is it possible to resit any parts of the Scheme?
Yes. You can resit any competencies not achieved during Stage One at a subsequent Stage One visit. In Stage Two, it is possible to resit the direct observation routine, overarching competencies and contact lens section as many times as is necessary. You can sit the OSCE four times in total.

Can I have more than one supervisor?
Yes.  You have one principal supervisor and then as many additional supervisors as needed as long as the supervisory requirements are met. Find out more about supervision.

Can your supervisor allocate DOs or CLOs to supervise you when they are not there? And can I change my supervisor during the Scheme?
Yes a DO or CLO can supervise you. Your principal supervisor will need to have signed the DO/CLO off in your logbook. You can also change supervisor during your the Scheme. Find out more about supervision.

How long do I have to enrol on the Scheme after graduating?
You have two years to enrol on the Scheme after graduating.

How long do I have to finish the Scheme after enrolling?
You have two years and three months to finish the Scheme once you have enrolled.